Gazette # 65 (1908)

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette Number 65

Commonwealth of Australia


No 65 SATURDAY, 19th DECEMBER 1908

(page 1709)

Department of External Affairs
Melbourne, 8th December, 1908

His Excellency the Governor-General directs the publication, for general information, of the subjoined dispatch of the Secretary of State of Colonies, and enclosure, respecting an alteration in the design of the Commonwealth Flag.

Minister of State for External Affairs
27th October, 1908.

My Lord,
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Lord Northcote’s despatch No. 194 of the 22nd July proposing an alteration in the design of the Commonwealth Flag, by the substitution of a star with seven points for a six pointed star; which now appears beneath the Union Jack.
This despatch was laid before the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and I hare now to transmit to Your Lordship, for communication to your Government, a warrant issued by Their Lordships authorizing the flag, amended as desired, to be flown by vessels registered in the Commonwealth.
The design of the corresponding star on the Commonwealth Blue Ensign, and of the star in the Badge of the Governor-General will be similarly amended; and copies of each of the three amended designs, as they will eventually appear in the Admiralty Flag Book, will be forwarded to you in due course.
In consequence of the issue of the enclosed Warrant, the Warrant dated the 4th June, 1903 and enclosed in Mr. Chamberlain’s despatch “Miscellaneous” of the 24th of becomes obsolete; and I should be glad if you would be good enough to forward it to me in order that it may be returned to the Admiralty for cancellation.
I bare the honour to be,
My Lord,
Your Lordship’s most obedient, humble servant,
(Sgd.) CREWE.

Whereas by the seventy-third section of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 it is provided that the Red Ensign usually worn by Merchant Ships, without any defacement or modification whatsoever, shall be the proper national colours for all ships and boats belonging to any British subject, except in case of His Majesty’s ships or in the case of any other ship or boat for the time being allowed to wear any other national colours in pursuance of a Warrant from His Majesty or from the Admiralty.
And whereas by Warrant under our hands dated the fourth day of June, 1903, vessels registered in the Commonwealth of Australia were authorized to fly the Red Ensign of His Majesty’s Fleet defaced as follows, viz.:-
In the centre of the lower canton next the staff and pointing direct to the centre of the St. George’s Cross in the Union Jack in the upper canton next the staff a White Six-pointed Star indicating the six federated States of Australia, and in the fly smaller White Stars representing the Southern Cross.
And whereas it has been represented to us that it is desirable that that for the White Six-pointed Star aforementioned should be substituted a White Seven-pointed Star representing the six federated States of Australia and the territories of the Commonwealth.
Now therefore we do by virtue of the power and authority vested in us hereby warrant and authorize vessels registered in the Commonwealth of Australia to
fly the Red Ensign of His Majesty’s Fleet defaced as heretofore, except that a White Seven-pointed Star shall be substituted for the White Six-pointed Star in the centre of the lower canton next the staff.
Given under our hands and the Seal of the Office
of Admiralty this third day of October, 1908.
(Sgd.) W. H. MAY.
(Sgd.) A. I. WINSLOE.
By Command of Their Lordships,
His Excellency,
The Right Honorable,
The Earl of Dudley, G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O.,