Centenary Flag Warrant

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette Number S382

I, PETER JOHN HOLLINGWORTH, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council and under section 6 of the Flags Act 1953, authorise the Governments of the Commonwealth and of each of the States and Territories, to use, on ceremonial occasions, the Centenary Flag described in the Schedule.

Signed and sealed with the Great Seal of Australia on 13 September 2001



The Centenary Flag is the flag presented on 3 September to the Prime Minister by the Australian National Flag Association, being an Australian National Flag with a white headband incorporating:

1. a cardinal red stripe; and

2. the following inscription:


    “The Centenary Flag. Presented to the Hon John Howard MP, Prime Minister of Australia on behalf of the people of Australia by the Australian National Flag Association on 3 September 2001 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne to commemorate the first flying of the Australian National Flag on 3 September 1901 attended by the Rt Hon Sir Edmund Barton MHR, Prime Minister of Australia.”.