ANZAC Tradition – Introduction


The Australian National Flag has been used by Australian service men and women in two world wars and the myriad of other conflicts our nation has been involved in since 1901. From the beaches of Gallipoli to the jungles of Kokoda, the Australian National Flag has been a symbol of loyalty and pride, and will forever stand testament to the sacrifice carried out in the spirit of the ANZACs for the sake of our great nation. It represents the values and beliefs they cherished and the courageous men and women who fought and died under our National Flag are automatically honoured each time it is raised.


Yokohama, Japan. 1945. An emotional scene as recently released POW’s display their handmade Australian flag, which they are so proud of. Today the Australian National Flag stands as a tribute to every Australian who has ever defended our national symbol and the values and traditions it stands for.


In this section you can view and download a selection of images that show our fighting men and women using and taking pride in their beloved National Flag in wartime.

ANF backdrop 65th Labor Party NSW Annual Conference 1955